About the Bird

Our namesake is the bar-tailed godwit, a stout, unassuming bird, mottled in a dull grey brown.

It is the boldest animal we know. The bird flies 7,000 miles in 8 days, from Alaska to New Zealand, without a single pause. That’s no water, no sleep and no rest. Unstoppable.

This bird’s boundless and directed journey inspired us to create Bartaile. A lifestyle brand for people going places.

About the Bag

The result is our first product, the C12 Bag, born through an iterative process led by a highly talented and inspiring team:

Fashion Designer

The incredible trio at Timo Weiland

Industrial Designer

The brilliant Taylor Welden


25 women of all ages that gave us their time and their brutally honest thoughts!

We are Amina and Felicia, the founders of Bartaile. We first met in college in 2002.

Although we hailed from different parts of the globe, we quickly discovered shared interests: a love for travel, an itch for bold experiences, and a boundless outlook. And a mild obsession with dim sum. After college we parted ways, living and working in three continents and twelve cities.

It wasn’t until 2012 that we found ourselves geographically reunited while pursuing our MBAs at The Wharton School.

We recounted stories of broken suitcases on far-flung journeys, tote-induced shoulder pain while moving up the ranks, and a badass bird. Bartaile was born.

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