When we first met at McGill University in 2002, something clicked.

Although we hailed from different parts of the globe, we discovered we shared the same values: a love for travel, an itch for bold experiences, and a boundless outlook.

And maybe a mild obsession with dimsum.

After living and working in three continents and twelve cities over six years, we were geographically reunited at The Wharton School. When recounting our travel stories, one theme kept reemerging: broken suitcases, uncomfortable bags, and impractical packing. 


So we decided to change things.

Bartaile was born out of a common desire to bring comfort, style and intelligent design to the world of travel – starting with an awesome carry-all.

Next:  we secretly can’t wait to bring back the fanny pack.

Watch this space. 
Amina & Felicia



Many thanks to those who have helped us along the way, including:

Our #7KMF partners: Teach for America

Partners in Crime: Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein, Donna Kang

Industrial designer: Taylor Welden

Photography: Kate Owen

Stylist: Hayley Loewenthal

Videography: Sara Rossein

Graphic Design: Verena Michelitsch

Product Photography: Sean Bolton

Rockstars: Melissa Gordon, Sophie Green, Maya Poulton



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